Nanite is a important key item to upgrade Sargon with the non-Neverborn-tainted nanomachines. It was making first appearance on Dragoon X Omega II.

Appearances Edit

Dragoon X Omega II Edit

"A strange substance. ."

The Nanite is a secret treasure found hiding in the patch of dark blue stuff on the ground in the Armory northern. It must be given to X6 in Sleg Mine. He will upgrade Sargon to Neo-Sargon. In order to get this item, the player must activate Railjet when going to the Armory. After you obtain this item, you can use Outwarp to exit from the Armory and give the item to him.

Similarities between Final Fantasy Edit

Final Fantasy (NES) Edit

Nanite is the similiar item to Rat Tail in the original Final Fantasy. Silver X has renamed this item to Nanite.

Dragoon X Omega II Final Fantasy
Upgrade Sargon to Neo-Sargon. Upgrade their Job Classes.