Japanese Nika
Kana ニカ
Romaji Nika
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Height TBA
Weight TBA
Laterality Right-handed
Dragoon X Omega Character

Nika is the protagonist of Dragoon X Omega.

She and several hundred other children were born as part of the Amnethenian dictator Lord Vin's "Meta Knight" program. Using rediscovered texts concerning genetic engineering knowledge lost for hundreds of years, Vin created Nika and her siblings in a laboratory to have super human strength, stamina and psionic abilities.

Utilizing this unstoppable army, Vin completely subjugated the world of Shurek in a few short years. But despite being indoctrinated from birth to have total loyalty to Vin, the atrocities the Meta Knights were forced to commit finally became too much to bear and they revolted, destroying most of Amnethen's standard military effortlessly.

Anticipating that this may occur, Lord Vin released an virus tailored to be almost 100% fatal to only the Meta Knights. The few that survived were taken to Vin's fortress, Amnethen Keep, where they had the memories of their psionics training erased and were then publicly executed as traitors.

Nika was the last Meta Knight scheduled for execution, but just before it was to occur the Neverborn arrived in a huge space vessel, blotting out the sun and sending hordes of creatures to the surface of Amnethen, wiping out most of populace.

With no army left, Vin was forced to use Nika as a last chance to stop the Neverborn's invasion. To keep her in check, Vin implanted her with nano machines that would attack her heart if she betrayed him.

Forced to fight for a man she hated, Nika ultimately defeated the Neverborn and used its star ship to take the few people remaining alive in Amnethen to a new world before the nations Vin had conquered arrived to exact revenge. Her descendants inherited her psionic abilities and physical attributes: One of these, Sargon, is the protagonist of Dragoon X Omega II.